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Frankfurt Kitchen scent celebrates women's independence and freedom. Experiencing good food with people we care about is truly one of life's pleasures. The original Frankfurt Kitchen was the first modern fitted kitchen designed to save time. Designed by Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky in the 1926 for a social housing project outside Frankfurt, this was one of the the first times it was acknowledged that a woman's place was not in the home.

  • 30ml EDP
  • 30ml EDP in box
  • 10ml & 15ml Travel Edition
  • 10ml & 15ml Travel Edition

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Frankfurt Kitchen scent is a rich gourmand mixture - both sexy and mouthwatering at the same. The scent is a rich fruity, ambery mix of resins, peppermint, coffee and osmanthus (a beautiful chinese flower often used to make tea with subtle fruity notes similar to apricot and plum).